Report: Journey to Bethlehem

This year's Christmas program, Journey to Bethlehem, proved to be a huge success! None of it would have been possible without our church body's huge effort and generous heart. Thank you for the time, the energy, the discomfort, and the personal items that you lent to make the evening a success.

Look below to see some great pictures of the event and to see some of the numbers for how we reached the community with the Good News of Christ's arrival!

Over the two nights of the event, nearly 800 people drove through and experienced the Good News of Jesus' Arrival in a whole new way. Your work and dedication (even in the cold) helped to bring our Savior's story to the people of Roane County.

Leading up to the event, we reached 18,000 people on Facebook who read about the event and/or watched the live video stream, and people visiting our church website grew by 2806%. Those are no typos!

You can still access the recordings from the event on our church Facebook page!

Thank you again for your help for this great event. It will be in the memory of the community for years to come and will stick with many individuals their entire lives. To God be the Glory!