110 Years

110 Years of South Harriman


Look at what the Lord has done!

On September 10, our church is going to be celebrating 110 years of ministry.  Because of this great milestone, we are going to have a special service that Sunday morning.  It is going to be called "110 Years of South Harriman: A Homecoming Celebration”.  We are planning a morning that recognizes the amazing things that the Lord has done in and through our church and I know that you will want to be part of it.  

This is where I need your help.  

We need to get the word out to all of our members and past members.  I want to encourage you to contact those you know that would be interested in joining us that morning.  South Harriman has touched many lives over the years so I am certain that those who have been associated with our congregation in times past would want to be here for this occasion.  

For those of you on Facebook, we have set up a Facebook Event page that you can reach through our church Facebook page facebook.com/southharrimanbaptist or by clicking this link: 110th Anniversary .  Please share this event with everyone who might be interested in coming.

The celebration will begin in our morning service at 11:00 and then that evening, at 5:00, is our annual Church Picnic.  Please let visitors know that they welcome and encouraged to join us for that as well.  

If you have any questions give me a call or see me at church.  Also, be praying for this event that it would honor our Lord and honor the great things that He has done with South Harriman Baptist Church since September of 1907!  

-Matt Edwards