Super Saturday 2017!

We are hard at work collecting, organizing and preparing for Super Saturday! It is right around the corner, and we still need your help!

Here are 5 ways that you can still help!

  1. Bring your stuff!
    1. Our free market already has lots of items, but we need a lot more! Collect the leftovers from your Spring Cleaning and bring them on down. There is sure to be someone here who needs those things that you no longer want!
  2. Help Organize!
    1. As we get closer and closer to the event, we have more and more things to sort. Come on by and help us organize!
  3. Volunteer!
    1. We need lots of help on Saturday - from changing people's oil to giving haircuts to manning the inflatables to making popcorn - there is a job for everyone (and it will be fun too)!
    2. (Volunteers please arrive by 8 am)
  4. Spread the Word!
    1. We need you to let folks know about this great event so they can come participate and be blessed by this work for the community!
  5. Pray!
    1. Pray that this event would be more than a good work done for the community. Pray that it leads people to see the love of Christ and opens to the sharing of the Gospel.