110 years of south harriman

       When we came to this church 54 years ago, we were deeply impressed by the reputation it had throughout the community. It was widely known as a “loving” and “teaching” church. The community knew that Jesus Christ was help up and the truth of God’s word was taught here and people were loved. From my perspective as a former staff member and now as a member of the Historical Committee, I would like to share some observations. Recently I asked several members (Eloise Walls, Dimples Poole, and Joette Waddle) to help me come up with a list of ministries the church has been involved with as far back as they could remember. We came up with 80 ministries to the community and our own church members (it will be available to anyone who would like a copy). We are still doing many of them; some have changed over the years, and some we no longer do. What became obvious as we put it together was that through 110 years of “ups and downs” the members of this church have remained faithful to the commission of our Lord to “..make disciples…baptize them…teaching them to observe all that I commanded you…” (Matthew 16:19-20). 

        It is amazing how many men and women have been called into full time Christian Service from this church: some to the Pastorate, some to Ministry in Music, some to the Mission Fields, and others to special ministries. Through the years, God has blessed this congregation with an abidance of talented, gifted individuals committed to serving Him, His Church, one another, and the community where He has placed us. C.S. Lewis said: “As Christians, we can’t love the whole world. But we should remember that God has placed us in a specific community at a particular time. We’re called to love those around us. Loving them means serving them - and in doing so, we become the best of citizens.” May we, like those who came before us, continue to be God’s faithful servants in this community where He has planted us until the Lord returns to take us home! 

- Gerry Oran

photo gallery

The church's historical room contains over a century's worth of photos. 


We sat down with a few members of SHBC and they shared why South Harriman is home. The full, unedited interviews are available to view below. 


Travel from the beginnings of South Harriman to modern day, featuring selections from Charles Works, Edsel West, and Randy Maxwell sermons.


Alan Williams

Pastor Edsel West, 1978-2000

Opal Maden

Eloise Walls

Tony Whalen

Hoonie and Maggie Walls

Joette Waddle