Guatemala Mission Trip 2016

Welcome to the support and information page for our June 2016 Mission Trip to Guatemala.

Scroll down to see images from last year's trip and read about what we will be doing this year.

You also have the opportunity to support this year's team. If you choose to support the 2016 team, you can help determine how your funds will help. You can give towards:

  • The travel cost of specific team members

  • Medical Initiatives (cost of medicines/equipment)

  • School Outreach (cost of supplies)

  • General Funds (to meet the needs of all team members)

We welcome you to hear from us about how the God moved through us in Guatemala last year, and about our prayers for this year. At the bottom of the page, you will have the opportunity to share in the work by helping to support our trip. If you would like, you can also click here to give now.


The People

It will always be the people who impact us most on these trips, and it will always be the people who are at the heart of our planning and work. The people of Guatemala redefine "Southern Hospitality." No matter where we went (neighborhoods, public parks, schools, churches, and anywhere else), the locals received us joyfully and were eager to hear what we had to share.

Above you can see some of the pictures taken from our work all over, and you can see the people we are excited to return and to serve.


The Place

Guatemala is located just east of the Southern most part of Mexico and just west of Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. The areas around Guatemala City where our team will be working are at relatively high elevations, so the summer heat is less intense than in other areas. Beautiful mountains, year round greenery, and wildlife are not uncommon to see. Many public buildings are open air - like the school basketball court seen above. The food in Guatemala is a lot like our food. There are places for pizza and burgers in the city, but the team's favorite foods were the ones prepared by our generous Guatemalan hosts.


The Project

The 2016 trip will be similar to the 2015 trip, but more focused in its scale. Last year our teams worked with four churches, four communities, and many schools simultaneously. This year our focus will be narrowed to one church and its neighboring communities and schools, which will allow for relationships to develop connecting our church family to theirs.

We will be hosting church services, evangelizing through medical clinics, working in schools, and connecting with our partner church and meeting whatever needs we can. We hope to encourage our partner church by building relationships and by coming alongside them in their work to reach the community. We also hope to support the church by pointing the community towards the people who will be there to lead and disciple them while we are gone.


the play

Nothing brings a group of believers together like the Holy Spirit, and nothing encourages that unity more than serving as we are called to do. Mission work sets a group of believers outside of the culture and their comfort zones, and what follows is the forging of relationships that last a lifetime as well as a more clear call to purpose. With the presence of the Lord in our work dedicated to His Glory, how can we have anything but a great time! No trial can be eclipsed by the joy found in our Lord and Savior, and spreading the joy and unity we have because of Christ is why we are there.


The Purpose

The purpose of our work will always be for the glory of our Lord.

We seek to spread the joy and security of Christ to those who have never heard his name while simultaneously being his hands and feet through our work to provide medical care and to encourage the local church. Our prayer for this trip is that God's will be done in and through us, and that more come to glorify his name through us as a church (those going and those sending).


Your Part

We thank you for letting us share a small part of our story, and an even smaller part of the story of God's purposes in Guatemala. We also thank you for considering supporting our return trip to love the people, meet them in their place, work through various projects for the purpose of bringing God glory.

Please pray as we prepare for our trip and as we are there.

You can follow our church blogs to stay updated on how you can pray for us specifically. Your prayers are needed and appreciated.

Please prayerfully consider joining a future trip.

The Lord calls us all to be disciple-makers, and He calls us all to participate in missions in some capacity. How will you answer?

Please prayerfully consider giving to support this trip.

If you would like to be a part of God's plan for us and for Guatemala please click the link below.