Growing Together in the Word

January is the time when many New Year's resolutions kick in, and many Christians resolve every year to read more of their Bible. Immersion in God's Word is important for us because it gives us the knowledge we need to navigate our lives, to make biblical decisions, and to grow closer to the God.

As Christians, we believe that the God who created the entire universe created humans in His own image. Part of being in God's image is the fact that we long to know God and feel His presence in our lives. To this end, God inspired and preserved His Word for us in a collection of writings we refer to as the Bible.

If we want to feel God's presence in our lives, grow closer to Him, and grow in faith, then digging into His Word is a necessity.

To help encourage you in your study, I am including a list of Bible reading plans in various categories with short descriptions. I hope that each of you find that one of these plans that works for you!

(I am currently doing the "5 Day Bible Reading Program" if you would like to join me!)


Josh Lynn, Family Minister

Read the Whole Bible in 1 Year Plans:

  1. One Year Plan - Genesis to Revelation
    1. Straightforward - read the Bible from cover to cover in one year.
    2. Easy to keep track
    3. Note: You won't get to the NT until October with this plan.
  2. 52 Week Bible Reading Plan
    1. Read a passage from each biblical genre each week (e.g. read from the Epsitles on Sundays, the Law on Mondays, etc.)
    2. Readings 7 days per week
    3. Pros: day to day variety, but moving through books as a whole.
  3. 5 Day Bible Reading Program
    1. Read the 5 days per week (catch up on your off days)
    2. Read passages from the OT and NT each day
    3. Pros: readings from different books each day keeps things fresh, moving through books as a unit helps you keep narratives together.
  4. 5 Day Per Week Straight Through Program
    1. Organizes readings into 5 days a week instead of 7 (allows you time to catch up or read other devotionals)
    2. Different than the 5 Day Bible Reading Program because it goes cover to cover (Genesis to Revelation) as opposed to mixing OT and NT readings.
    3. Online Helps Available
  5. Chronological Bible Reading Plan
    1. Read through the entire Bible chronologically.
    2. Each event is in order of occurrence.
    3. Pros: Gives you a great sense of the timeline of the Bible (e.g. reading Psalms of David with the stories of David at different stages of his life and reading the stories and epistles of Paul in order of their occurrences).
    4. (Note: Although the chronological reading is a great plan, you should note that you won't get to NT readings until October!)
  6. Daily Bible Reading Plan
    1. Read shorter passages from 4 biblical genres each day
    2. Keeps readings diverse each day

Just the New Testament:

  1. 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan
    1. 5 minutes per day
    2. 5 days per week
    3. 5 ways to dig deeper
    4. Takes 1 Year
    5. Pros: Slower paced and encourages deep thought about the passages read.
  2. Chronological New Testament
    1. Read through the New Testament in order of occurrence
    2. Takes 92 days
    3. Online Helps Available

Intensive Plan

  1. 90 Day Challenge
    1. Read the ENTIRE Bible in 90 days!
    2. Approximately 45 minutes of reading/day
    3. Intensive and fast paced
    4. Online Helps Available

Simple Checklist

  1. Bible Reading Chart
    1. Colorful Chart shows you each book of the Bible and how many chapters they have
    2. Just check off the chapter as you read it and read at your own pace
    3. Allows for a lot of flexibility
    4. This isn't so much a reading plan, but can help you keep track of what you have read