Practical Christian Growth - Pastor Matt Edwards

Hey everyone-
Yesterday morning I spoke from Romans 12:9-13 about some of the practical aspects of how we grow in Christ.  Specifically from verses 12 and 13, I mentioned 5 different areas that we can focus on to get us out of a “spiritual rut”.  
They were:

  1. Rejoice in hope (the confidence that we have as believers that we will see Jesus one day)
  2. Be patient in tribulation (patient in times of trouble)
  3. Be constant in prayer (living with a mindset of prayer)
  4. Contribute to the needs of the saints (giving financially and of your time to the church)
  5. Seek to show hospitality (showing kindness to your brothers and sisters in Christ)

As I said yesterday, if we will apply all 5 of these things to our life, we will grow in our walks with Christ.  I hope that each of you will think of ways that you can, starting today, implement all 5.  

Use this table to fill in different areas that you can work on in your relationship with Christ to begin a closer walk with Him.  Maybe you need to start a daily devotional time where you focus on prayer, write that down in the “Be Constant Prayer” column.  Maybe you need to start serving in an area of ministry at the church, fill that in the “Contribute to the Needs of the Saints” column. So, think on the areas that you need to work on in your life and ask the Lord to guide you in the steps that you need to take!

See you soon